~Positive Hoarding Solutions~


~We Truly Listen First To Understand~



Provide Positive Hoarding Solutions to the *PEOPLE* involved in hoarding situations. 


All people empowered with the resources they need to assist people that hoard. 


Family Member? Landlord? Property Manager? Neighbor?

Are you a family member dealing with a loved one’s hoarding behaviors?

Are you a landlord trying to figure out what to do with a tenant that hoards? 


Conversations & Consultations 

-We offer consultations where we listen to understand the problem, discuss your desired outcome and create a plan to make it happen.

-Our consultations include a written summary of the consultation, a completed Uniform Inspection Checklist and a Collaborative Agreement, if applicable.

-Typically a hoarding situation can take some time to address and correct.  We understand this and provide our consultation packages over a 4 week period and have weekly check-ins to follow up and course-correct as needed.

-We look forward to connecting with you and developing your specific & customized Positive Hoarding Solution!


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You don’t have to face hoarding alone!