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Tammi Moses a Clutter Free Coach and the Chief Encouragement Officer at Founder of Homes Are For Living, LLC.  Tammi brings a unique perspective to the issue of hoarding because of her experience growing up in a hoarded home. Tammi understands that hoarding is not as simple as telling someone to “just get rid of stuff” or “just clean everything up.” Hoarding creates constant chaos in the home and increases conflict and arguments between family members and friends. Although it is difficult, it is possible to escape from a hoarded home and move forward in a positive way toward the life you desire and deserve.


Homes Are For Living is committed to helping people suffering with a hoarding situation. Everyone is impacted by hoarding, from the person who hoards and their families to neighbors, friends and co-workers.


Onsite Assessments, Written Action Plans and Onsite Coaching

We use the Harm Reduction Approach while utilizing the Uniform Inspection Checklist and A Collaborative Team Agreement to assist in the planning of a hoarding clean out.

Typically we will do an onsite visit & assessment and provide a written mitigation plan.  We will then meet and discuss the collaborative team approach which would include everyone that helps on the project and schedule the time & dates to begin clean out.

Facilitation, Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Unsure how to start the conversation with a loved one, a friend or a tenant?  

We can assist in having that conversation and be onsite to facilitate that conversation.

Are you wondering how to get everyone in your organization on the same page to work together on hoarding cases?  

We provide a workshop on using the Uniform Checklist and the Collaborative Agreement. We can customize the workshop to meet your organizations needs.

We also provide inspirational presentations, informational presentations and enjoy meeting your needs with customized speaking options.

We share multiple techniques to start the conversation about hoarding with your loved one, co-worker or friend. It is possible to manage hoarding, provided the root causes are being addressed.

We collaborate with a variety of organizations to handle hoarding situations. We work to promote awareness and get family, friends and community members involved. We want you to know that you are not alone! Together we can address the challenges of hoarding!

We actively share informational articles focused on raising awareness, tips on helping the person who hoards as well as self care tips.  Hoarding truly does impact everyone and it is important to know how to help. Please take a look at our blog, found here and share your comments and thoughts with us.

Tips for Dealing with Hoarding

We email a quarterly update The Conversation Starts Here that provides additional insights, information and resources on dealing with the issue of hoarding. You can subscribe by sending an email to homesareforliving@gmail.com with Subscribe in the subject line.