We Aren’t Punishing Properly, Let’s Redirect!

Remember the days of getting sent to the chalkboard to write, “I will not punch Johnny?” Or “ I will not pull Susie’s hair?” Or even having to sit down and write it out 100 times or something equally ridiculous?

I was reading this statement, “I receive with ease and gratitude. I am worthy of receiving.”  I read through this repeatedly before I wrote it out repeatedly. I started to tear up and feel emotional because I realized I needed to redirect to what I needed to focus on: I am worthy. We are worthy of receiving!

Suddenly it hit me that we get what we focus on!

Hello! Duh!

So if we want a kid to do something DIFFERENT why on earth would we have them sit down and write out, repeatedly, the behavior we don’t want them to repeat?!?

Shouldn’t we have the kid write out something like: “I will keep my hands to myself?”

Unless, of course, we need to do some self-defense moves!

I have been reminded to focus on what I want and help others focus on what they want by simply redirecting!

Do you need to redirect and start focusing on what you want/need/desire?

You could try a couple of these things:

Stop saying, “ Don’t forget…” and replace that with “Remember…”

Stop saying, “You always do…” and use, “I feel/want/need…”

What comes up for you when you start thinking about what you really want? Where can you start injecting the positive into your thoughts, your words and your actions?

I would love to know what comes up for you!

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts and questions J

Remember, it’s about our #mindset! #whatdoyouwant #youcanhaveitall

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