Boundaries & Adult Kids of Parents That Hoard (#AKOPTH)

It’s likely if you grew up in a hoarded home that boundaries may have been hard to establish, let alone enforce.

This issue can haunt us as we progress into our lives. We may not even realize that boundaries have been breached or that we actually need to establish some.

One way to work on this is to look at what we find acceptable or what we currently tolerate.

Are you happy with it? How do you feel about your current level of tolerance on things that bug you?

If something is going on at work, in a relationship or with your loved ones and it makes you feel bad, bullied or less than, it could be time to examine that situation more closely.

The word “no” can come in handy and I highly recommend knowing that NO is a complete sentence. Use it and mean it!

Yes is also a complete sentence and can be used when you are completely in alignment and feel good about saying yes!

Don’t say “yes” just to make someone else happy or to please them. Only say yes if it’s truly a “hell yes” for you!


Tammi Moses is the founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of Homes Are For Living, LLC which is a Veteran Woman Owned & Operated business located in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA.  She provides consultations, assessments and workshops on the issue of hoarding and inspiring others to take their adversity and use it for the greater good. She is the voice of #AKOPTH-Adult Kids of Parents That Hoard. You can connect with Tammi via Emailhomesareforliving@gmail.com on Twitter and on Facebook.

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