Can You Ask Me A Question?

People often ask me if they can ask me a question. I say, “Sure, you can ask me anything. Whether or not I will answer it is a different thing entirely. ”

I have decided that I need to begin adding the following statement, “Please be advised that I don’t tell people what they want to hear. I will however, say what needs to be said.

For a bit I was thinking this makes me special or different. But in reality it doesn’t! I am realizing that most of the people I respect and listen to are EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.  They will not tell me what I want to hear because they do not believe in blowing smoke up my seat. They will however tell me what needs to be said.

There are many labels that could be applied to me: woman, leader, business owner, friend, introvert, daughter, girlfriend and veteran. More than all of that though, I would choose to be thought of as honest, authentic and walking in integrity, which means I get to tell the truth.

Oh Yay!

That is quite a burden sometimes and some folks don’t appreciate that level of, shall we say….authenticity.

If you have a question, please do feel free to ask it. However, be advised that you should only ask me questions that you actually want me to answer. 😉

I will temper it with empathy and kindness and an awareness of who you really are because I think that is how it should be.

Do you need to ask some questions about how valuable you really are?

Do you need to engage with people who are also on their journey of embracing their unique self-worth and value?

If you are looking for some authentic answers and a nudge in the right direction, please join us in Celebrating Awesome You!  A 30 Day Self-Value Immersion Program.  We start on Monday, July 10 and I would love to see you on the INSIDE!

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