Doorbell Dread is Real!

There it goes. My peaceful evening shattered by the sound of the doorbell.

Freaking out because someone might SEE MY HOUSE and JUDGE ME.  I make my way to the door and this time it’s someone that wants to sell me a magazine.

Oh good! It won’t be weird if I don’t let them in!

If you grew up in a hoarded home or some similar dysfunctional situation where strangers were not allowed in, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you didn’t grow up with that kind of shame hanging over your head, you are truly blessed!

Doorbell dread is a real thing and it can create havoc with our emotions!

Yes, that heart rate will go up and the anxiety may just keep a person from answering the door. Seriously, the anxiety may be too much!

The other thing is, even if my house is spotless or as acceptably clean and organized as I can get it, I still have been known to say, “Please excuse the mess.”  Whenever I have said that I usually get “the look” that says, what in the hell are you talking about?

Oh, that’s right-you aren’t here to see my house! You are here to see me.

And truly I believe that 99% of the people I know don’t actually care what my house looks like.  And I have been informed that I don’t technically, actually have a mess. Probably because I straightened up like a mad-woman for the ten minutes prior to your arrival and pulled the door shut on “that room!”

BUT I DO CARE about the “state of the house.” And that’s the problem! I could tell you 100 things that I didn’t get done before your arrival, but since that isn’t why you came over, I don’t dive into it.

But I may end up dwelling on it later when I realize that one of the dust bunnies did roll out from under the couch, attach to your shoe and follow you around during the visit.

For the most part I am learning to just go with it and if my house is not up to my standards, well, the good news is I won’t die if there is a dish in the sink or dog hair on the couch pillow.

So come on over! Let’s have some coffee and a chat. The dust bunnies and I will welcome you to our humble abode.

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