Free Feet

What does freedom look like to you?

It could be eating ice cream for breakfast. It could also be setting your own schedule or releasing oneself from a toxic work environment.  Maybe it’s learning to walk barefoot in your own home.

Recently I realized that I really didn’t need to have something on my feet at all times in my own home.  It was with some degree of shock when I realized that this was an internal block that I carried for years.

While living in a one room cabin we had rough floors.  Living in a bigger house we also had unfinished subfloors.  I wore slippers, shoes or boots to keep from getting slivers in my feet.  In essence my shoes were protection.

Once I started to reflect on this constant shoe issue I realized that my beautiful, finished oak hardwood floors were perfect to walk on barefoot! And the tile kitchen floor so cooling on hot summer feet!

With this new awareness I found myself with yet another layer of freedom.  Yet another way to celebrate how far I have come from the experience of being raised in a hoarded home!

What does freedom look like to you?  Where can you learn to relax on your journey?

Celebrate freedom this weekend and stay safe!

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