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Front & Center Positive Polly

What are we telling ourselves?  Do you tell yourself how great you are?

How about, what you have done right today?

How were you successful today?

What went well for you?

Do you tell yourself you are smart, funny, amazing, and beautiful?

Or do you say, things like I am stupid, have no sense of humor, aren’t special or that you are ugly?

When I believed I was stupid, hand no sense of humor, and so on I seemed to attract people who reinforced those negative beliefs.

When I started to change what I believed about myself, I attracted people who reinforced the positive beliefs.

My humble opinion is that it all starts with how we feel about ourselves. What we tell ourselves becomes our reality.

If we want to attract something or someone different into our lives, we need to start thinking differently and positively about ourselves.

A few simple thoughts can help redirect us to be more positive and kinder to ourselves:

-I am smart.

-I am funny.

-I am beautiful.

-I am handsome.

-I am loving.

-I am kind.

-I am loveable.

-I am sincere.

-I am honest.

-I am ethical.

-I am authentic.

-I am unique.

The negative nellies will need to take their seats!

It’s now time for Positive Polly to run the show!

Remember, Be Kind to You Today!

If something here resonates for you, please feel free to join us at Extreme Self Worth!   We are celebrating our inherent value!

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