Hoarding Is Harmful

Did you know that if you are hoarding, you may be damaging your kids ability or desire to socialize with other kids?

Did you know you may be negatively impacting their grades or it may be causing them to get bullied/teased/harassed at school?

While this is something we don’t often say, a hoarding parent can harm their kid with the hoarding behavior alone.

Your kid should at least have a bed to sleep in, a place to do homework and be fed some nutritious food.

If your kid has to walk through piles of debris to get to the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen than hoarding is a problem.

If the fridge is full of rotting food from 1984, it’s a problem.

If you don’t use the shower or the tub because it’s stacked with newspapers or clothes, it’s a problem.

If you don’t let repair people in to fix the toilet, or the heat or the a/c because of the STUFF, yep, you guessed it, it’s a problem!

Even if you think you “don’t have a problem” or it “isn’t that bad,” if you can identify with something on this list, IT IS THAT BAD.

Don’t wait to address this! Please ask for help immediately to begin addressing this issue. Reach out for help now, while you still have a say and some options on fixing the situation.


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