Keeping What You Love

People with hoarding tendencies often have a fear that the must “get rid of everything.” The reason this bothers a person that hoards is because of the attachment they have to the “everything” that is present in their residence.  Unfortunately there is the same level of attachment to a stack of newspapers as there is to a photo album of family pictures.

We need to change the tenor of this conversation and thought process to help a person focus on keeping what they love! This is also easily adaptable to purchasing items or bringing things home for yourself: only buy it or bring it home if you love it!

How do we begin this process of keeping only on what we love?

Maybe it is a favorite memory or the collection of the shells or blue glass bottles.  Maybe it is the table from your Grandma’s house or your Dad’s favorite instrument. Think about how you feel when you look at these items and does it bring positive thoughts and memories up for you? Focus on why you love these items or perhaps, why you do not love that item.

How do we dispose of what we don’t love?

Will this item continue to evoke positive or negative emotions for you? Do you still love it?  If so, keep it!  If not, it can be donated, sold or moved out of your home. Sentimental items and things such as tools may need to stay, but broken or extra items can be disposed of. Freeing up your area is a very valuable exercise in taking back your space in the home and in your life.

This method can be used on anything in your home, garage, barn, vehicle, work shop, shed, basement, closet, etc.

Tammi L. Moses
Homes Are For Living, LLC

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