Using What We Have

Do you ever think I need more?

More stuff? More knowledge? More education? More shelving or another car?

While we need certain things, like food, water and toilet paper, it seems there are a lot of things we don’t actually “need” in the same way.

When it comes to organizing our stuff, or paring down or simplifying it can be a difficult task. Perhaps there are fabulous memories attached to our stuff and for many that is the challenge with downsizing or letting things go.

Recently I decided I needed to rearrange my office space and I started thinking about how I was going to make it more user friendly for me and my purposes.  I pondered buying a different desk, but realized that the one I had been using elsewhere would actually work quite well if I dragged it into my office.

I think part of the reason I was considering just getting a different desk was because moving the desk meant I had to deal with “stuff.”

Moving stuff, looking at that dusty table behind the coat rack and making decisions on what I was going to do with some of the stuff!  The decisions on what to do with stuff can actually cause analysis paralysis, so we make no decisions and just keep moving our stuff around instead of actually discarding, donating or making a dump run.

As I transitioned my desk from one spot to another and got it placed to my liking, I realized that I really enjoy this desk in my office. It is pleasing to walk into my office space and think hey, I like this space now! And I was pleased that I was able to just repurpose what I already had hanging around.

Granted, I have some more decisions to make around the stuff that I had to wiggle around to make room to even move the desk.

But, having taken one large step in creating the space I enjoy, I feel more confident in making a few more decisions about the stuff that no longer serves me.

Speaking of things that no longer serve us: is it possible that you perhaps struggle with feeling worthy of an organized space or other thing that would make you so much happier?  If you have ever struggled with feeling worthy of good things or just plain need help feeling that you are valuable, please join us over in Extreme Self Worth!

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